The three exhibition houses of the Basel Historical Museum offer several rooms which can be rented for special private or business occasions.

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Nave of the Barfüsser Church

The nave of the Barfüsser Church can be used as a venue for concerts, talks and receptions with up to 300 attendants (currently unavailable).

Seminar Room

The seminar room in the basement of the Barfüsser Church is the ideal setting for talks (up to 45 people) or conferences (incl. sitting accommodationsup to 25 people). 

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Garden & Pavillon

The charming garden of the Haus zum Kirschgarten is an ideal location for small events in the summer such as, for example, a reception with selected customers or a Sunday morning brunch in surroundings with a special atmosphere. The pavilion can be used in case of bad weather.

Event Room

A meeting and event room located on the ground-floor (with access to the garden) is the ideal setting for receptions up to 100 people (approximately 70 sitting accommodations). Outside the opening hours the room has a capacity for 200 people.

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seminar Room

The «Red Hall» of the Musikmuseum is particularly suitable for conferences with up to 60 attendants, or receptions.


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Guided Tours
We would be happy to organize a tour of the collection as part of your event.
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