Trinkspiel der Basler Schuhmacherzunft
Trinkspiel der Basler Schuhmacherzunft - 1

Drinking vessel belonging to Basel’s shoemakers’ guild

Basel, dated 1661
Leather, mouthpiece made of gold-plated silver
H 16.4 cm
Inv. 1894.304.

2139px x 1683px

CHF 40.00

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Drinking vessels shaped like people, animals, ships, tools and all manner of things were extremely popular during the Baroque era, when surprises of this kind were all the rage. They were used to adorn tables at banquets and on occasion would be filled with wine which those present then had to drink. Some vessels were clockwork and could be set in motion; the guest in front of whom they came to a halt then had to drain the contents. Other vessels contained a “surprise” intended to shock or even alarm the person drinking – to the amusement of everyone else present. What made this leather shoe belonging to Basel’s shoemakers’ guild such a party piece was the dophin’s head, which caused the wine to splash out straight into the face of the uninitiated.

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